Owner and founder, Amy Lambert, was raised in Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1997. She holds certifications in Whole Health Education* through the National Institute of Whole Health, Holistic Nutrition Consulting through American College of Healthcare Sciences, and BioEnergetic Practitioner and Wellness Consultant through the Unified Medicine Institute. For the past 20 years she has also worked in the medical field, 15 of these years as a Licensed Registered Nurse.

After much determination, educational support, and seeing first hand the health complexities in others; she genuinely has chosen this path to empower others to regain their health, improve wellness, and enhance longevity.

We integrate nurture and nutrition for your whole health needs.

  • Our goal is to support your needs for optimal health
  • We provide comprehensive Functional Nutrition and Whole Health Assessments. We also provide Whole Food nutritional supplements and Homeopathies and BioEnergetic Assessments  that are FDA approved and safe for people of all ages
  • We encourage informed, healthy nutritional lifestyle choices

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“Whole Health Educator is a trademark of the National Institute of Whole Health”