Here's 6 Tip's to Keep You Strong This Christmas Season

In the past, schools across Georgia have closed because of the number of students sick, in hopes of not creating an outbreak. Although on the surface this may appear to provide a solution, the truth is it unfortunately does not address the real cause of the problem. That cause is not the germs circulating. If germs were the true cause of sickness, then everyone would or should be sick. However that's not the case, in fact many of you have experienced this truth first hand. 
How? Where?

Ever been in a household where one person gets sick, but no one else does, or three people get sick and three don't? Why is that? If it was truly the germs that made us sick, then again the entire household should have come down with sickness. The idea that germs cause sickness is like saying that flies cause garbage - it just doesn't make sense.
The truth is that it's your body's internal immune resistance that will determine whether or not the opportunistic germ can take hold or influence your body. Meaning that when your internal resistance is high, you can be on a MARTA train full of sick people, and not be fazed. However when your internal resistance is weak, now someone can sneeze in Charlotte, NC and you land up in the bed - coughing, sneezing, achey etc.

So the real question that we should be answering to keep you and your family healthy is how do we keep our internal resistance high and strong?

1. Optimal Nerve System Function
Your nerve system and immune system are in constant communication, and as a result decreased, or interference of function within the nerve system will directly impact immune system function. Your spine and nerve system are intimately connected and as such, when you lose spinal function (which occurs due to 3 T's of stress - trauma (physical), toxins (chemical) and thoughts (mental/emotional)) you n create an interference in nerve system function. This interference affects your balance between the fight or flight (sympathetic nerve system) response and the body's ability to self-regulate and heal, thus lowering your internal immune resistance. Corrective Chiropractic adjustments restore spinal function, which clear the interference and allow your body to resume homeostasis. Studies from 1997 and 2011, showed that Chiropractic adjustments helped balance nerve system function by moving out of a sympathetic dominant state and into a more balanced one, which in-turn improved immune function, metabolism

2. Healthy Gut Flora
 As far as germs go, when it comes to your gut, we should be thinking that a lack of germs cause sickness. Let me say that again, a lack of germs will cause sickness. Your gut (intestinal lining and mucosal lining) require healthy levels of what are called progenic bacteria, versus pathogenic bacteria. A healthy ratio is about 85% progenic to 15% pathogenic - notice that it's not 100:0, more on that another time). When this ratio is off, it's called dysbiosis. Dysbiosis affects immune system function. Over 70% of your immune system sits in your gut, so healthy gut flora is important, especially at a time of year when sugar intake is at a high. Sugar kills healthy gut flora. Where can you get these good bacteria? Largely from plant sources. Veggies are a great source, and an even better source is cultured veggies like beet kvass, sauer kraut or kimchii. A diverse-strain probiotic supplement is a great investment for your health and wellness optimization. See Innate Choice Probiotics.

3. Anti-oxidants
Anti-oxidant's from good quality food sources are important for immune function as well. Organic fruits and vegetables are great sources for anti-oxidants which reduce the effects of stress on your body. Foods like kale, spinach and other leafy greens are loaded, as well as berries, like blue berries and raspberries, are a great source.

4. Fatty Acid Levels
Fatty-acids are important for not only cellular function, but also in the production of hormones and immune system regulation. The fatty acids we need are Omega 3's (ALA, EPA, & DHA)  Omega 6's (LA & GLA). The ideal ratio of 3's to 6's should be 2:1, or 1:1, however in the US our ratios tend to sit between 1:16 all the way to 1:25. This massive shift in the ratios leaves us in a pro-inflammatory state which is no good for immune system function, or healing period. Good sources of Omega 3's come from food sources like grass fed beef, wild salmon, coconut oil and flax seed oil just to name a few. Omega 6's are mostly found in vegetable oils, grains, grain fed meats and other processed type foods. Having a diet high in omega 6's and low, or deficient of omega 3's will lead to lowered immune resistance. Supplementation here can be a great investment as well.

5. MCT
Coconut oil is loaded with Medium-chain triglycerides are amazing in fueling the body, not just for energy but also for immune regulation. Mystic, capyrilic and lauric acid are specific MCT's that have been found to have the best capabilities. Lauric acid is actually found in coconut oil (one of your great Omega 3 sources from above). The benefits of which have been shown to kill certain lipid coated viruses such as influenza, cytomegalovirus, herpes and even HIV. On top of that it's got great anti-fungal properties. Taking in 2-4 tablespoons per day will impact your metabolism in a positive way so that you burn fat instead of sugar (important for hormone regulation, including immune system function) and turn up immune function and resistance.

6. Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 is super important when it comes to cellular function. A great source of D3 is sunlight, however unfortunately as a society we tend to find ourselves indoors and under fluorescent lighting instead of sunshine. D3 not only is important for cell permeability, which effects our natural detoxification ability, but also in the boosting of your innate immune system. That's the part of your immune system that's responsible for your first-line of defense. It also suppresses the inflammatory portion of the immune system that are commonly associated with auto-immune or allergic responses. Daily sunlight will boost your levels of D3, while supplementing with D3 will also require Vitamin A supplementation for best impact.

There are several other things that you can do to bullet proof your immune system during this Christmas season that are more about omission. Late nights and sugar. Omit those and you'll be helping yourself out immensely. If you're going to have any late nights with sugar, including alcohol, make sure to be strong on the above tips to protect your immune resistance so that you can enjoy friends, family and the holidays as opposed to being stuck in bed and feeling like...