Why You Shouldn't Set New Years Resolutions

Why do we know what to do, but then not do it? Before you set any resolutions, here's something that will boost you forward into 2015.

Why do we know what to do, but then not do it? Before you set any resolutions, here's something that will boost you forward into 2015.

In 2014 the top10 resolutions were as follows:

1              Lose Weight

2              Getting Organized

3              Spend Less, Save More

4              Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5              Staying Fit and Healthy

6              Learn Something Exciting

7              Quit Smoking

8              Help Others in Their Dreams

9              Fall in Love

10           Spend More Time with Family

As great and meaningful as they seemed, unfortunately over 88% of people failed at their resolutions. That’s a lot of failure and not feeling good about oneself to be going around! Was it that they didn’t truly want these goals? Was it that they had no will power, or weak will power? I’m going to suggest that it was none of these, directly at least.

Here’s what people who create and inspire the greatest results for change all have in common – they don’t focus on the behavior! They don’t focus on the behavior, rather they go deeper. They focus on a greater life vision or Purpose. Focusing on behaviors to create lasting change will unfortunately fall short the majority of the time, at least if the goal is lasting change. It may get us ready for the upcoming beach vacation, but then 4 weeks after getting back, why do we find ourselves in the same place (weight wise) as we were when we first set the goal? The short answer is that without a long-term goal, vision or Purpose we’ll live on the merry-go-round of goals never attained or realized for a lifetime.

What has found to be a stronger, more successful means of setting and achieving goals is by tapping into a Purpose, or a bigger why for wanting to achieve the resolution. So in the case of the number one resolution, to lose weight, another way to get there is to tie it in to something that is bigger than yourself and why you really want to achieve that goal. Instead of wanting to lose 15lbs before that Spring Break beach trip with the family, what if your vision was to be able to play with your future grandchildren on the beach? How about focusing on wanting to not only be able to physically go on beach trips for many years to come, but also to be able to have the energy and vitality to play with your (future) children, and your future grandchildren in the sand and on the beach. The point is that with a long term goal (vision) like that, you’ll take the action steps necessary, like make better choices when it comes to eating and getting to exercise more often. As far as the upcoming Spring Break trip, set that as a mile marker, or short term goal, but with a bigger vision of why you want to achieve that.

In the case of better organization, ask yourself why that’s important and what it will afford you, and how it can help you in regards to your Purpose or vision. Becoming more organized will create more efficiency, and with that increased efficiency will come more time. That time can be used to do other things, or spend with people that matter to you most, or doing what matters to you most and has the biggest impact.

So before you set your New Year resolutions, start to identify what your life vision or Purpose is in each area of your life. Do that before you set any resolutions or goals. Once you’ve identified your vision or Purpose (and yes, it may change over time), then tie your goals/resolutions to them.  The next step would be to determine what the necessary action steps are, in order to help you achieve the result. Then as you embark on your journey, review your Purpose, goals and action steps. Doing so will help you more effectively create lasting change in your life and in the lives of those around you.

So, what is your Purpose? What is it that you want to see come to be for yourself and those around you? Please share and comment, because your vision and Purpose can inspire others around you to uncover and create a bigger vision and Purpose for themselves.