Chocolate Pudding... for breakfast?

Absolutely! Chocolate pudding for breakfast.

Not the store bought kind, just in case you were wondering. Rather you can make some awesome, protein and great fat laden "yumminess" in just a couple of minutes.

Here's what you'll need:

2 Avocado's

4 Tbsp Pure Cocoa Powder (Raw, 100% no sugar added)

1/2 Can Coconut milk (from a can, as it has a creamier consistency)

2 Scoops of grassfed chocolate whey protein (I use Designs For Health Whey Cool, because of the taste, consistency, clean ingredients and no artificial sugars.) Here's a link to it

Fresh raspberries

Once you've gathered your ingredients, cut your avocados, skin and de-pit them. Then toss all ingredients into your blender and mix it up(I use a Ninja as it's got a bunch of great capabilities). Taste for the consistency you prefer, as I went for a very smooth and almost whipped texture with about 5 minutes of blending. Scrape it into a ceramic or glass bowl and then chill. To serve it, I threw several fresh raspberries on top and then drizzled some more of the remaining coconut milk over it.

This desert really could be breakfast as it's loaded with great omega 3's in the form of ALA and CLA, as well as other fats :PFA and oleic acid. The whey will provide you with a great source of protein, just make sure that you're going for whey concentrate. The great fat, protein and then the awesome antioxidant value from the raspberries makes this the breakfast for a champion! Enjoy