Upcoming Heart Health Workshop, Sat. Feb 21st @ 12pm

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the USA. Because of this, there  is tremendous  fear about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and consumption of fat. 

Come join Dr. Chris as he uncovers the myths surrounding heart disease at our newest workshop:
Heart Health: What You Need to Know to Keep Ticking

You'll learn:


  • The dirty secret about nutrition and statins that your Dr. hasn’t told YOU!

  • Why more people die from cardiovascular disease with low cholesterol, than people with high cholesterol.

  • The truth behind the latest updates to cholesterol guidelines, and how they are reachable.

  • Natural approaches that have been shown to change your HDL/LDL ratio.


TIME: 12:00pm to 1:30pm

LOCATION: Sevananda Natural Foods

ADDRESS:   467 Moreland Avenue NE Atlanta, GA  30307


Tickets are $10 and include a $10 Sevananda gift certificate. Tickets available at Sevananda or in-office. Seating is limited. Call 404-876-0550, or email info@reconnectchiropractic.com for more info.