Weak Posture Leads to Higher Risk of Developing Coronary Heart Disease

A Study Published In The Archives of Internal Medicine, 2006, Showed That Poor Posture IS Linked to Coronary Heart Disease.

A Study Published In The Archives of Internal Medicine, 2006, Showed That Poor Posture IS Linked to Coronary Heart Disease.

Termites account for more costs in house damages each year in Florida than all weather-related damages in the state combined. The most frustrating thing about termites is that the damage is done without the home owner having any idea. The internal deterioration begins slowly before increasing exponentially over time. This same idea applies to the body and the negative effects of poor posture. Unhealthy alignment begins an exponential decline in health, most of the time without seeing or feeling the effects until it is too late.

Many people would acknowledge that poor posture is a negative health factor, though most have no idea of the size and extent of the problems that poor posture creates. In fact, many believe that poor posture is more of a cosmetic issue that only impacts visual curves in the body. Poor posture empowers far more damaging consequences and has been proven to be directly related to coronary heart disease. A great study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2006 followed over four thousand men for the duration of over 20 years. The results showed that men who lost over 3 centimeters in height due to poor posture over the 20 years had a 64% higher risk of developing coronary heart disease. Bad posture was directly linked to coronary heart disease. The evidence is convicting for a society to strongly consider the recommendation that every spine be evaluated and aligned regularly to avoid the development or progression of poor posture.

Posture problems cannot be corrected by simply focusing on sitting or walking as upright as possible. The research proves that getting to the root of posture problems requires evaluating and addressing spinal alignment and movement. Doing so will not only help posture but, according to the best research in the world, will also make a person healthier from the inside-out. From immunity to digestion, and heart function to breathing, Chiropractic improves function by improving spinal health and posture.

A termite inspector knows there are two kinds of infected houses in Florida: ones that have termites and ones that will eventually get termites. He made it clear that having termites is unavoidable and the question will eventually turn to how much damage they will do before the infestation is contained and eliminated.

 The analogy compares accurately to having poor posture. The modern world facilitates an almost unavoidable influx of posture problems. Increasing uses of technology, mostly phones and computers, is creating posture problems at alarming rates. This is seen especially in children. Understanding the link between poor posture and chronic disease symptoms is not well known or publicized. People must be educated about the dangerous and damaging effects that abnormal posture can create. Just as important as bringing light to the problem is teaching society that solutions also exist, and can be found with corrective Chiropractic care.