Who's Your Number 1 Asset?

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Who or what is your number one asset? With almost one month down on this new year, have you stopped to consider the answer to that question? It's easy for us to make resolutions, list goals and create targets, however it's as easy to let them slip by and fade into a distant memory, especially if we start to feel guilty for not sticking to a personal commitment. It's much easier to push it under the rug - only to attempt to set another set of goals, resolutions and targets the following year, but replay the same pattern and see those personal commitments drift away. It's easy to eventually get to a point where maybe apathy sets in and we no longer set goals, resolutions and targets for a new year - or at all. This is where status quo becomes acceptable. This is where growth stops. This is where health declines - with the acceptance of the status quo.

I'll ask the question again - who or what is your number one asset? If your answer is anything or anybody but yourself, I would ask that you reconsider. Your number one asset is not your business, it's not your family, it's not your spouse, it's not your gym, your trainer, your employee - it's you! You are your number one asset. Your capabilities, come from your ability to perform, take action and share those gifts that you've been blessed with. However, if you do not look at yourself as your number one asset, then you're more likely to be investing in things outside of yourself. In order for you to be the best mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, entrepreneur, employer, employee or athlete - you must invest in you first. The first place to start is your health. Without your health, those dreams, visions, gifts put inside of you and your life experience will never have the opportunity to impact the world around you. 

Begin to think of yourself as your number one asset. Begin to invest in yourself to have greater impact on your surroundings, and those people that you love and care for the most. Recognize that when you view yourself as your number one asset, you can begin to utilize that mindset to help you take action in areas that perhaps have in the past been challenging to stick with. Perhaps it's in the area of exercise - by committing to a consistent exercise program, you can show up stronger (physically and mentally) to your Life, and where ever you find yourself - be it in the role of a parent, spouse, employer, entrepreneur or coach. If it's in the area of nutrition and how you fuel yourself on a daily basis - the same applies. Are you eating for the sake of eating and maybe even to sedate or escape, or do you consciously chose to fuel your body for health and performance?

Let me be the first to point out that in no way am I perfect. In no way do I do the right things all the time, whether for my health or other situations. I have made many mistakes, and will no doubt make many more - however, as I have begun to view myself as my number one asset, it has become apparent that I make better choices. The only reason I can ask those questions above, is because I've been there. I've been in the place where I put other things ahead of myself - and ultimately it affected more than just me, it also negatively effected those around me. The difference today is that I've recognized the stories that I was running in my head and believing which lead me to make choices (both action and inaction) which were in no way positive, and stopped me from learning and growing. Those stories lead to a stagnation in my life, which went against a principle that I know to be true and have shared with many-  "Life is motion and motion is life," and in this case, growth is motion, therefore life is about growth. If you're not growing, what are you doing?

I am in your corner. It's time for you to back yourself. It's time for you to invest in yourself as your number one asset. What will you choose to do today to invest in yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself, and show up in YOUR life as that? Post your thoughts, or your commitments, and why they are important to you. 

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