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Have you been struggling with pain, headaches, digestive problems, experiencing repetitive sickness, always tired, or any health challenges? Our chiropractors in Buckhead and along with our team of professionals have helped many patients regain their health again. 

Chiropractic gives you a safe, effective natural solutions to help your body heal. We have seen it change countless lives, by having an incredible capacity to impact health challenges. Dr. Chris uses specific, soothing adjustments that correct misalignments in the spine. By restoring your regular nerve function, your body will certainly regain the ability to heal internally so that you not only have reduced symptoms and less pain but better function, health, and gratification.

Atlanta Buckhead Chiropractors

The overall results our patients see have them feeling like "Superman". Our casual and positive atmosphere puts you at ease and is fun for all ages. 

When you schedule an appointment with Reconnect Chiropractic, your visits are all about you. Dr. Chris Alberts, our Atlanta Buckhead Chiropractor has one goal which is to find what’s causing your body to have less-than-optimal functions and to correct it.  

Choosing A Chiropractor In Buckhead

We have been serving the Buckhead area and the neighboring communities since 2008.

When choosing a chiropractor it may first seem overwhelming, since there are many specialized fields in chiropractic care. There are chiropractors that only work with the spine, others that incorporate muscle testing and supplements, and some that use ultrasounds, electrical stimulation, and other modalities. There are even chiropractors that specialize in cranial therapy. But the search can be simplified by using a series of steps to narrow down the candidates.

  1. What is there specialty?
  2. What techniques do they use?
  3. What treatments do they offer?
  4. Do they accept insurance?
  5. How many sessions will they expect me to attend?
  6. How much should I expect to pay?
  7. Does the chiropractor come highly recommended?

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