Chiropractic is all about helping you express your greatest potential. For you to be the best, whether it be in the work place, raising your children, or on the field - you need to function at 100% to express and experience your greatest potential.

Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy based on the Principle that the same intelligence that created you, is the same intelligence that runs your body. This intelligence designed you to self-heal and self-regulate. The nervous system was created to control your body's ability to self-heal and self-regulate, as a result you live your life through your nerve system. Therefore interference to nerve system function, will interfere with your ability to adapt and respond to your environment effectively and efficiently, ie. self-heal and self-regulate. This interference is known as subluxation. Chiropractic seeks to clear the subluxation with resultant neurological patterns of interference, so that you can express that intelligence through your body, manifested as optimal health and life potential from birth till death.We do this through the chiropractic adjustment. At Reconnect we utilize state of the art techniques and technology to identify, locate and correct subluxation, so that you may express this intelligence at 100% within your matter.

God placed amazing healing power within your brain, and for your body to heal, function and operate optimally the pathways between your brain and body must be free of interference. Spinal dysfunction, known as subluxation, interferes with your brain and body being able to communicate effectively and efficiently. The result is dysfunction and a loss of harmony and balance in the body which over time leads to sickness, disease and life potential lost and not experienced.

At Reconnect, we work hard to get you reconnected to your health potential so that you may experience life at the fullest.

Connect with us to reconnect you.