Q: How much will it cost?


Because we don’t want to waste your time or money, your initial case review process is FREE. 

If during your case review, you and your doctor decide that it would be worthwhile to go through our Comprehensive Neuro-Spinal Examination for which the cost ranges from $80-$150 depending on whether structural radiographs (spinal x-rays) are needed.

So the most you can expect to pay for your initial examination and follow-up visit is $150.

At your follow-up visit your doctor will review all of the results from your examination; they will give you their recommendations for your care and will show you exactly how much it will cost. 

Because every case is different it is difficult to predict the total cost of your care without the results of a thorough Neuro-Spinal Examination.

What about my insurance benefits?

If you are fortunate enough to have health care insurance that covers Chiropractic then this can significantly reduce the cost of your care (think of it like a health coupon!)  Contact your insurance provider to find out the specific details of your coverage as plans vary.

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