Q: How Long Before I See Results?


If, based on your consultation and Comprehensive Neuro-Spinal Examination, we determine you are a good candidate for care in our office, we will prepare a detailed, individualized plan for you.  

The factors that we consider when creating your recommendations are:

  • Your health goals and objectives
  • The severity of your problem and how long it has been present
  • The results of your Neuro-Spinal Examination
  • The intensity of your lifestyle

Of course, we are not psychics, and we can not predict your future.

However, in working with thousands of people just like you over the years, we have become very very accurate in determining who we can help and who we cannot. 

While some clients experience almost instantaneous results, most start to notice significant changes within the first 3-6 weeks of their care.

I don’t have any pain… Can I still come in?

This may surprise you but it is not uncommon for many of our new practice members (patients) to come in NOT because they have a specific problem but because they heard we can help them to be even healthier and perform better.

Here’s the thing:  Structural distortions in the spine that cause nerve interference can effect you in ways you know about but more importantly, and more commonly, these distortions can affect you in ways that you have absolutely no idea about.

Some of the effects that most people don’t relate to structural distortions include:

  • low energy
  • poor sleep (quality and/or quantity)
  • difficulty concentrating
  • brain fog
  • mild shortness of breath
  • poor digestion
  • mild muscle weakness,
  • hormonal imbalances
  • poor coordination and performance
  • and even organ dysfunction

The only way to know if nerve system dysfunction is occurring is to to test for it - and that’s exactly why we perform a Comprehensive Neuro-Spinal Examination.

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