Midtown Chiropractor Dr. Chris Alberts

I am passionate about helping people just like you experience the amazing potential inside them, by experiencing what it is to heal and live a healthy life.

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Healing is something that your body is pre-programmed to do on it's own... as long as you fulfill its requirements:

  • Nutrients

  • Movement

  • Clear brain-body connection

My journey into the world of human potential started at a young age with athletics...

As a child, I was an avid multi-sport athlete, but by the time I reached high school, I began to focus on rugby.

With focus and a lot of hard work, I was able to experience more of my own athletic potential when I was selected for the US U19 National Team, the Collegiate All-American Team and other national and local honors.

It was rugby that led me to Life University, where I would go onto earn a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

Although classroom studies were rigorous and helped me gain the knowledge and expertise required, it was ultimately through outside study and mentorship that I uncovered my passion for human potential.

Between 2006-2008, I was fortunate to get married, graduate from Life University, experience the birth of our first daughter and go into private a practice - a whirlwind!

And that whirlwind has continued to blossom... since then we've had two more daughters, our practice has grown into a community (and extended family), and many more dreams have been fulfilled.

I have been blessed to be a part of so many individuals and families lives as healthcare provider, teacher and also student. It's seeing and remembering the daily "miracles" which have occurred in our practice, that make even the hardest of days that much easier and lighter.

My work is not done though...

Healthcare in the US is in shambles! The saddest part about it is not the financial aspect - but rather how peoples lives are being turned upside down, because they've lost their health. The problem is that as a society we've been given a sick-care model and 'sick' definition of health, and have attempted to utilize them as a means to help us achieve health. 

"When you give a society sick-care, you end up with a sick society." Dr. Patrick Gentempo Jr.

I know that you are capable of amazing things in your life, and have all sorts of dreams, hopes and wishes that can be derailed by any number of health challenges...

I not only want to help you and your family overcome your health challenges and get your life back, I also want to help you reach your goals and get to where you want to be achieve health for a lifetime.

Whether you are suffering from injury, illness, general aches and discomfort, or essentially wanting to maintain the health that you already have, our Midtown Chiropractors have the expertise to help you meet your health goals. 

We proudly serve Atlanta, Midtown Atlanta, Poncey Highland, Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, Decatur, North Druid Hills, Candler Park, Kirkwood, Grant Park and Buckhead. Take a look at our patient reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about our wellness center, and decide for yourself if we are the right Midtown Chiropractor for your needs.

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