Q: Once I go to a chiropractor will I have to go forever?


Short answer?  No.

You don’t HAVE to do anything!  You can choose to stop care at any time and we won’t hold it against you!

It's true that many of our patients opt for continued wellness check-ups once they have completed their initial corrective phase of chiropractic care, as they quickly notice the difference in how their body performs and operates with optimal Neuro-Spinal function.

Once we’ve completed your Comprehensive Neuro-Spinal Examination, we will sit down with you and explain the results of each of your tests. We will then provide you with a complete individualized plan of action to help you correct the structural distortions related to your health problems.

Once you’ve completed your initial corrective care we will perform a Comparative Neuro-Structural Exam. Based on our your test results and your goals, you can then make some new choices about your care going forward - which may include protecting your investment or discontinuing your care. The choice is yours.

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