Additional Services

Our focus is the body as a whole, helping you understand how the body works, and helping you to achieve sustained nutritional balance.We offer FREE 15-Minute consultations prior to starting our nutrition program. Appointments are offered as office visits or via phone consults.

Option 1Initial Consult/Physical Nutritional Assessment– 60 min, $95

                  Follow- Up Appointment – 30 min, $65

Option 2Functional Nutrition Assessment Program – 3 appointments within 1 month-$195 Includes: Initial consult (45min), Review of Findings (30min), Food Journal Review (30min)

Lab tests: All results require a Lab Result Consult- 60min, $75

  • 1Micronutrient Testing with optional Omega- Check (serum)- offers a comprehensive  nutritional analysis by measuring deficiencies at the cellular level. Assesses how well the body utilizes 33 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites. Omega -check measures the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids, looking for potential inflammatory conditions.
  • 2. LPP (Lipoprotein Particle Profile- serum)- offers a comprehensive look at how your body utilizes cholesterol, looks at inflammatory CRP and Homocystine markers, and insulin levels
  • 3. MTHFR Genotyping (serum)- mutations can affect metabolism and impair methylation. Methylation is a chemical process involved in cellular repair, energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter production, and immunity.
  • 4. Dietary Antigen Complete- (serum)- food specific assays that test the bodies response to 88 commonly eaten and reactive foods. Four distinct immune pathways to measure immediate allergy response and potential delayed response.
  • 5. Dietary Antigen- Specific (saliva)- food intolerance testing using saliva.
  • 6. Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment (serum)- designed to provide a broad picture of the contention of the gut and gives direct markers of gut permeability.
  • 7. Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology (H.Pylori optional)- Comprehensive stool analysis of gut flora, enzyme levels, protective nutrients of gut, immune function, and digestion.
  • 8. Advanced Adrenal Stress Test (Saliva)- Comprehensive test evaluating how ell the adrenal glands are functioning and he potential causes of fatigue or inflammation.

To schedule your Functional Nutrition consultation with Amy Lambert, RN, WHE, CNC just click here.